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OTC Treatments for Keratosis Pilaris

It’s likely that you’ve experienced keratosis pilaris & didn’t even know it. These small pimple-like blemishes can come out of nowhere & disappear just as quickly. But when they’re here to stay, they can become an embarrassing nuisance.
Keratosis pilaris consists of small bumps that are oftentimes initially mistaken for pimples. Similar to a pimple, this benign skin condition is caused by clogged pores. However, unlike a pimple, keratosis pilaris isn't caused by an overproduction of sebum. Rather, it is the result of dry skin. The pumps occur when dead skin cells clog pores.

Keratosis pilaris most commonly presents on the upper arms and the cheeks. Allergies and certain medications can exacerbate the problem. Gently clarifying and exfoliating products are recommended in order to slough off excess skin before applying a proper moisturizer. To get rid of these white pimples on the upper arm or the face, do not regularly apply harsh astringents or products containing alcohol as these can worsen the condition.

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Chemical Peels for Keratosis Pilaris

In addition to your daily skin care routine, you may find that a regular chemical peel can provide relief from keratosis pilaris. Alpha-beta combination peels combine glycolic and salicylic acids for an effective treatment on top of and beneath the skin.
If you've never used an at-home chemical peel before, we recommend starting with our lowest concentration formula. Applying a 30 percent alpha-beta combination peel for only a short time will provide a perfect lunchtime solution without any actual peeling.
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