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Jessner’s Chemical Peels

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Jessner's Peel only Jessner's Peel only
OUR PRICE: $35.99

Jessner's Chemical Peel Kit Jessner's Chemical Peel Kit
OUR PRICE: $49.99


A Jessner's peel combines three powerful ingredients to create a perfect solution for dull complexions, lines from aging, oily skin and acne and uneven skin tone. Jessner's peels have a great track record with all types of skin tones, including darker complexions that are more prone to hyperpigmentation.
To ensure the best results, always perform a spot test before you start. Expect a Jessner's peel to take up to 10 days to fully heal.

The Jessner's peel uses an alpha hydroxy acid (lactic acid) and a beta hydroxy acid (salicylic acid) in conjunction with resorcinol. Resorcinol is a powerful ingredient that's been proven to effectively treat acne and seborrheic dermatitis while providing disinfecting and antioxidant-like benefits during a peel.
The Jessner’s peel offers some of the best at-home results available. AHA and BHA in this peel work together to combat dull skin and uneven pigment on the surface while tackling fine lines and mild scarring from beneath by dissolving skin's glue and encouraging new cell turnover and collagen production.

Improve overall complexion, lighten skin discoloration and reduce pore size today. Try the Jessner's kit for all of your pre- and post-peel needs. Get a new and radiant glow by allowing fresh skin to surface. All of our chemical peels are made from quality ingredients that were never tested on animals and are guaranteed to provide you with healthier and younger-looking skin.