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Alpha Beta Combination Chemical Peels

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Alpha Beta Chemical peel 30% Alpha Beta Combo Peel
OUR PRICE: $34.99

40% alpha beta combo peel 40% Alpha Beta Combo Peel
OUR PRICE: $37.99

50% alpha beta combo peel 50% Alpha Beta Combo Peel
OUR PRICE: $42.99


Our alpha-beta peels are available in three concentrations to provide light and medium level peeling for both beginners and advanced users. These peels combine lactic acid (alpha) and salicylic acid (beta) to help tackle skin conditions from the outside and within. Salicylic acid is a common ingredient found in acne products, and at this medical-grade strength, it can help you achieve skin that's less oily, clearer pores and fewer breakouts.

Lactic acid, an ingredient that results from breaking down lactose, has been used since Cleopatra bathed in milk daily to improve her complexion! This acid helps to resurface skin and combat fine lines, spots and dull skin to help you maintain a clear and youthful complexion with regular treatments.
Our 30- and 40-percent alpha-beta peels provide light peeling that's great for beginners. These peels can be neutralized in a flash to give you a more youthful glow without any real peeling. At the 50-percent concentration, you'll find a deep-level peel to help you combat more advanced signs of aging including wrinkles and age spots.

Find the time to pamper your face today and uncover more supple skin in just days. Whether you’re looking for a solution to uneven skin tone or you’re turning to chemical peels for stretch marks, Skin Obsession is your one-stop solution for skin you will love. Turn heads today and discover the lasting results of a chemical peel designed with you in mind.