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Organic DIY Skin Care

Making skin care products at home doesn't have to involve complex chemistry. There are plenty of naturally existing and commonly available ingredients that provide exactly what your skin needs. Use the recipe below to create your own easy skin care product right at home.

Calming Facial Mask

If you suffer from the occasional breakout, mild acne or skin irritations, we know that you've likely tried a variety of store-bought products that didn't deliver what they promised. At Skin Obsession, we offer a wide selection of proven products for troubled skin, from nutrient-packed masks to medium-level chemical peels. Try these professional treatments in conjunction with this homemade mask for added benefits.

1 tbsp. honey
1 tbsp. cacao*
1 avocado
1/2 tsp lemon (optional)

Mix the ingredients in a bowl and apply right away for 30 minutes, or cover and chill before applying.

*Cacao is pure and raw, full of nutrients and antioxidants. Cocoa is a processed ingredient that's been heated at high temperatures, stripping it of its benefits.