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What's the Best Chemical Peel for You?

We offer various types of chemical peels in differing strengths to help you address a wide range of skin issues ranging from acne to scarring. The chemical peel that’ll suit you best will depend on a few important factors such as the skin conditions you’re interested in treating, your skin’s sensitivity and how comfortable you are with peeling. Your skin’s color also plays a role. That’s because the amount of melanin you produce affects your likelihood for developing abnormal skin pigment changes after a skin peel.

Fitzpatrick Skin Color Scale

Skin color can be determined using the Fitzpatrick scale. This internationally recognized numerical classification system divides skin into six categories based on several important factors such as how quickly you burn.
People who fall between one and three are generally ideal candidates for chemical peels. Those with darker skin tones, from four to six, may have an increased risk for adverse side effects.
While your skin color does not automatically exclude you from the benefits a facial peel can offer, we recommend starting with our lowest level of peel if this is your first time and you have a darker skin tone.
A patch test is always recommended before any chemical peel, no matter how experienced you are. Check out this chemical peels breakdown for additional information about the depth of our peels and which skin conditions each is capable of addressing.

Please review our precautions before starting.