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Fitzpatrick Scale
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Fitzpatrick Scale

Fitzpatrick Skin Color Scale

The Fitzpatrick scale was developed as a universal skin classification system. While skin tone, hair and eye color all play a role in where you fall on the Fitzpatrick scale, it's ultimately your response to the sun's UV rays that'll determine your type. For example, if you find that you have very light skin but you know you hardly ever burn, you are likely a type 2 or 3 instead of a 1.
Your skin tone and how your skin responds to sun will help you determine which chemical peel is right for you. Your skin classification doesn't automatically exclude you from having a successful at-home peeling experience, however, generally it's true that darker skin types are more prone to developing hyper-pigmentation after a peel.
Keep in mind that the Fitzpatrick scale is just a guide, so no matter which peel you choose or which skin type you are, you should always perform a patch test several days before actually applying a peel. If you've never peeled before, we recommend you always start with a low-level peel. This is true even for those with the lightest skin. Knowing what to expect from a chemical peel will help you to achieve optimal results.

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