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Beautiful skin is something that everyone should be able to enjoy. Unfortunately, for numerous reasons, many of us have been forced to live with the embarrassment and frustration of acne. Futile attempts at treating it and covering it up have only succeeded in costing us hundreds of dollars and the acne is still there. I know this first hand because I too have lived with the embarrassment of acne and have spent hundreds, if not thousands of dollars trying to get rid of it.
That is why I have devoted so much time and effort in research to find the best, most effective treatment for acne available.This is the first treatment that I have ever used that has consistently kept my skin clear and beautiful and I am now proud to be able to make this product available to you!
The Skin Obsession Store's Acne Stop is a 10% Salicylic acid/5% Lactic acid treatment that treats current outbreaks, clears out pores, prevents future outbreaks and refines the skin texture to improve existing scars caused by acne. As an added bonus, it will reduce oil production on the skin, a blessing to those of you who suffer from oily skin. Sound too good to be true? I promise you, it's for real and you will be amazed by the way your skin looks after just a couple of treatments with this powerful solution. This is a great product for those who do not respond to products like Proactive This is a 2 fl oz bottle of our Acne Stop treatment, approximately a months supply. We also include a free sample of our best selling Microdermabrasion crystals (one per shipment).

Salicylic acid is widely known to be one of the most effective acne treatments available. This unique beta hydroxy acid is the only acid that is lipid soluble, which means it can penetrate deep into oil glands and comedones (acne) to dissolve oil and impurities that are trapped in the skin. It also has natural anti inflammatory properties which allow it to reduce inflammation in existing blemishes and keterolytic properties that allow it to dissolve the dead skin at the stratum corneum layer of the skin, keeping pores clear and new skin cells replace the old. Lactic acid has been used for hundreds of years, since the time of Cleopatra who bathed in sour milk to keep her skin soft, glowing and beautiful.
Aren't you glad we can do this without the sour milk? Lactic acid is an excellent treatment for hyperpigmentation and to stimulate new collagen and elastin production in the skin to yield firmer, more youthful skin This powerful combination of proven ingredients will stop your acne in it's tracks and leave you with beautiful, younger looking skin!


Q:How long until I see improvement in my acne with this treatment?
A:You will see visible improvements within 1-3 treatments. This is a fast acting, effective product

Q: Is it safe?
A: This solution is absolutely safe when used as directed. All ingredients used have a long and proven track record of safety and efficacy. This product is perfect for adolescent acne, hormonal acne, adult acne and back acne.

Q: Does is sting when applied?
A: It does sting for approximately 1-2 minutes after initial application, I will not tell a fib to you! However, all clients to date, including yours truly, have found the results more than worth the temporary discomfort. My niece and nephew use this to control their teenage acne and they love it.

Q: It smells like alcohol. Is that all there is in the bottle?(we get this one more often than you would think, since we list the ingredients and the concentrations...Hopefully this will reassure those inquiring minds!)
A: Of course not! The base of this product is Ethanol, into which the Salicylic acid is dissolved, then lastly the Lactic acid is added. Salicylic acid is only soluble (will only dissolve) in Alcohol, not in water (it stays in its crystal form if you put it in water), so that is why it smells like alcohol. In addition to the alcohol, this product contains 10% Salicylic Acid and 5% Lactic acid, you cannot smell them over the alcohol, but rest assured, they are in there. The alcohol also serves as a great carrier for the chemicals, as it removes any traces of oil as the product is being applied, allowing the active ingredients to penetrate more efficiently
Acne Stop is applied after cleansing in the evening by simply wiping on with a cotton ball. Some stinging may occur. Use every evening for the first few days, then gradually decrease to every other or every third day. If irritation and peeling occur, reduce usage to once a week. It will still work fine, your skin is just more sensitive to the acids in the product.
One of many ways to use Acne Stop for clear skin!
  • Powerful Acne Control
  • Helps clear blackheads
  • Helps reduce redness from scars left by acne
  • Helps reduce Keratosis pillaris

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Very good, but only for oily areas February 22, 2018
Reviewer: Robin H from Arroyo Grande, CA United States  
This works really well on oily areas, but when I used it on areas where I have acne but normal skin (not oily), it dried it out really bad and made the skin itchy for a week. It's still very helpful on my T-zone though and as a prep layer before other peels.

If your skin isn't oily, I would recommend finding a salicylic acid product that doesn't have an alcohol base. Maybe Skin Obsessions will give in and make an alcohol free version one of these days. Not to replace this one, but in addition to it.

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Totally obsessed! April 18, 2015
Reviewer: Jourdan Mendiola from San Antonio, TX United States  
My skin type is oily and non sensitive, my acne is not super bad I suffer mostly from blackheads and congestion. This stuff is amazing! It's just the kick I need to unclog and clear up my pores, lifting dead skin and brighten my hyperpigmentation(caused but the acne congestion). I noticed a difference after the first use, a lot of my congestion had disappeared which helped my discoloration, the pores on my nose looked clear and unclogged. It does sting and my face got pretty red the first time but it tons better now and little to no redness, I recommend this everyone, a must buy!

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Reviewer: CANDYGIRL from NY United States  
Very happy with results but the first time I applied I put too much in one area and I was left with dark spots on my face. I now use it as a spot treatment and apply it with a q tip and it works well, it does sting a little but I haven't got burned again.
I use it when I get breakouts and usually the bumps are dried out and gone the next day! Very effective at controlling acne and drying out my pores. The 2 oz bottle is still almost full because I only use it when I get  breakouts and on problem areas.

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GREAT STUFF!!!! April 16, 2014
Reviewer: Rashida Johnson from New York, NY United States  
I started with the 30% alphabeta peel and now I am using this alone because the glycolic acid is lasting me such a long time
I purchased it because my teen daughter suffers from blackheads on her nose. ( I only use the salycylic on her skin) Within a month they are almost gone and she is thrilled.
I was leery about using this because lactic acid breaks me out, but this is as such a lose % that it is not causing any problems.
I will never stop purchasing this stuff and wish it came in a larger container.

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Great for non- acne skin to exfoliate March 30, 2014
Reviewer: Carmen from Pittsburgh, pa  
I do glycolic and mild tca peels. Sometimes all of the skin doesn't peel before i have to go back to work. This interrupts the process. The air in my office is dry and the dry patches start to re-glue themselves back and I'm left with dry dark parches that don't want to peel. So i brought acne stop because its 15%% salicylic and also has lactic acid. The salicylic loosens the glue that holds the cells together and the lactic exfoliates.  
Well it worked! I used it for three days. On the third day i really moisturized and added a little vaseline to boot. By the end of the day those dry patches just peel off when i washed my face. Success!

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